Monday, December 1, 2014

DevJam 2014 - The Lineup

This Thursday we will have not one by *five* brave mortals who will be presenting in the arena for your entertainment (and presumably libating to the demo gods prior), including, in no particular order:
  • An Introduction to Xamarin Forms (Gregory James)
  • Azure Webjobs (Rob Powers-Martin)
  • Running .net apps in Docker (Cameron MacFarland)
  • Overengineering at home (Eric Winkler)
  • A quick look at MassTransit Service Bus on RabbitMQ (Doug Paice)
Talks! Prizes! Interpretive Dance! It's all going on this Thurs, 4th Dec, 5:30pm at Bankwest plaza (where we've been all year, and our thanks once again to BankWest for providing the venue).

[Please feel free to point this event out to anyone who might be interested]

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