Wednesday, October 22, 2014

November Meeting - Tips and Tricks for Asynchronous Programming with Joe Albahari

Here are the details for next month's meeting.

Tips and Tricks for Asynchronous Programming

Join Joe Albahari for an hour of productivity tips on concurrent and asynchronous programming. We'll cover everything from simple tricks to the monadically marvellous, and upload extension methods and classes you can take away and use immediately. We'll also describe a general strategy for dealing with difficult concurrency problems, and discuss which low-level constructs are still relevant, and when to use them.

When: Thursday 6th November, 5:30pm
Where: 300 Murray St, (BankWest)
Cost: Free

I will be out of the state for this one unfortunately but Joe is always a great presenter and well worth coming along to listen to.

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  1. You can download all of the code shown in the presentation directly into LINQPad using ‘Download / Import More Samples’ in the samples tab (scroll to the bottom).

    You can also download directly from here: (but you’ll have to extract the files yourself).