Wednesday, September 17, 2014

October Meeting - LightBlue and Documenting Architecture

Next month we have two sessions planned. 

LightBlue with Colin Scott

If you’ve developed for Azure PaaS you’ve probably run into speed and robustness issues developing against the Azure emulator. This can be corrosive to productivity but it doesn’t need to be this way. The LightBlue project is the result of realising that the assumptions the Azure emulator makes are in most cases wrong. By taking a different approach we can trade off emulator functionality we don’t need for significant performance gains. This presentation will discuss:

·         Where the emulator approach falls down and why we don’t need to keep paying for that.
·         The 1 simple step required to start using LightBlue in your projects.
·         The lightweight approach used that utilises existing role configuration so that things just work.
·         The tradeoffs involved and the Azure capabilities LightBlue doesn’t support in order to keep things simple and efficient.
·         The additional capabilities like individual control of roles and easier debugging that LightBlue makes possible.

 Colin Scott is an alleged carbon based biped and lead developer of LightBlue. He enjoys eliminating development pain points and talking about himself in the third person. You should absolutely avoid his Twitter account @abstractcode.

Documenting Architecture with Mike Minutillo

What constitutes the architecture of your project? Is it documented? Could you document it? Could everyone on your team? 
If so then you probably don't need to hear anything Mike has to say on the subject. But if you've been stuck producing (or reading) hundreds of pages of documentation that provide little to no business value then this session will go into the most important things to document about your architecture as well as some tools and techniques to help you do it quickly so you can get back to Visual Studio (or LINQPad) for some serious coding.

Mike is a Software Architect and confirmed carbon based biped. He takes great pleasure in ignoring @abstractcode on twitter from his ivory twitter: @wolfbyte

What: LightBlue and Documenting Architecture
When: Thursday 2nd October, 5:30pm
Where: 300 Murray St, (BankWest)
Cost: Free**

I look forward to seeing you there.

** You do have to listen to Mike and Colin

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