Monday, June 2, 2014

June Meeting - Event Sourcing on Azure with Colin Scott

And we're back. This month's presentation is scheduled for this Thursday and should be really interesting. Colin is giving the same presentation at DDD Melbourne next month.

What: Event Sourcing on Azure with Colin Scott
When: Thursday 5th June, 5:30pm -> 7pm
Where: BankWest Plaza (300 Murray St)
Cost: Free. All welcome.

The event sourcing architectural style is based on recording the system state as a series of events that describe what has happened. This gives us significantly more data about business processes than traditional approaches that store only the current state of the system. It also allows significant flexibility in how we can change how we model the system as requirements change and our understanding increases as well as a complete audit log of all business events. 

Building in the cloud effectively requires tailoring your systems to the nature of the platform if you want to avoid scalability and cost issues. I'll discuss the nature of our event sourcing system and how we have designed it to fit with the capabilities Azure provides as well as the tradeoffs we have accepted in doing so. 

In doing so I'll touch on the scalability, upgrade and disaster recovery capabilities that we have developed to work with our solution. I'll also throw in some additional buzzwords like CQRS and Eventual Consistency.

Tell everyone and I'll see you on Thursday night!

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