Friday, March 21, 2014

YOW! West Conference, Perth, May 2014

Fantastic news! 

The organizers of the YOW! conferences and workshops are coming to Perth in May 2014 to run a top software developer conference called YOW! West. The 2 day conference will be May 13-14 with some workshops from internationally renowned speakers happening on the 15th and 16th. There are some cool names in the speaker line-up but as they aren't announced I can't share their names just yet. More to come in the following weeks.

If we all get behind this, and make it a success we can expect YOW! West to become a regular fixture, which will be incredibly valuable for our community that has always had to travel east to attend this calibre of event. You can show your support in the following ways:

1) Spread the word - tell your friends, your colleagues, your spouse and your dog about Talk about it on twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+ (no-one will listen but you should still talk), and anywhere else that's appropriate
2) Buy a ticket - there is limited space and will sell out fast. Registration isn't open yet but you can still put together a bit of a case to present to your boss or maybe have a quiet word with them in the lift. Check back at regularly!
3) Encourage your organization to sponsor the event - While you're talking to the boss see if this is of interest to them. If they want to talk to someone about sponsorship, send them to me and I'll hook them up with the organizers
4) Submit a paper - there is a local speaker track and the success of such an event needs you to bring some of the awesome! Session slots are 30/45 minutes and can cover a wide array of topics. Check out for more info. Be aware that the call for content closes on April 4th which is only 2 weeks away!

Lets get behind this amazing opportunity, demonstrate that WA is the place to run YOW!


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