Friday, October 25, 2013

Programming with Purity - Joe Albahari

NOTE: Our next event is October 31st and not the first Thursday in November.

We are very lucky this month to have the YOW! Conference sponsor our event.

About YOW! 2013

With 3 keynotes, 34 talks and 15 in-depth workshops, YOW! 2013 is your chance to learn more about the latest software trends, practices and technologies and interact with the world experts who created them. YOW! 2013 is a great place to network with the best and brightest software developers in Australia and well worth convincing your boss to make the trip to the east coast! Visit to learn more! 

Joe Albahari - Programming with Purity
Thursday, October 31st 5:30pm - 7pm
Enex 100 Level 3 Seminar Room
100 St Georges Terrace, Perth

We take for granted that the goto statement is bad. Instead, we employ alternatives that make our code easier to understand and reason over, namely structured looping constructs such as while-loops and for-loops. 
But have you ever considered that functional programmers look down on our looping constructs (or more specifically, our impure use of variables) in the same way we look down on goto? And they've got a point. By avoiding some of our most time-honoured tricks, we can end up with code that's not only easier to understand and reason over, but that scales better.
Join Joe Albahari, author of LINQPad and C# 5.0 in a Nutshell, for an hour of functional fundamentalism. Everything will be explained simply and in the familiar language of C#, without mathematics, LISP or Haskell!

Joe is one of our more popular speakers and the event will be catered thanks to the YOW! Conference so please take the time to register your attendance so that we can get an idea on the numbers. Email a copy of this around to everyone you know and we'll see you on the night!

P.S. The meeting after this will be our annual December DevJam. If you've seen or done something cool this year that you could talk about for 10 minutes you have about a 50% chance of walking away with a prize! Send me a talk title (you can change it later) to to be a part of the line up.

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