Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meeting: Feb 14th - Udi Dahan

UPDATE: The date for this event has changed to Wednesday 13th February.

Welcome back to a new year folks. With January almost behind us (already!) I hope you're all back from holidays and happily churning out braces and angle-brackets again.

In February we are lucky enough to have Udi Dahan in Perth running his SOA+DDD training course and he's going to come and present to the user group. Here's the brief:

How can so many have been so wrong about so much for so long?
In this half-technical, half-philosophical talk, Udi will debunk many of the best practices in software, explain why Agile methodologies are failing in so many organizations, and describe some pretty important problems that many developers are totally oblivious of. You might not want to bring any non-technical managers with you to this talk – you’ll probably want some time to deal with these issues quietly before exposing these topics to upper management.

I'm still trying to organize a location as this will be later than our usual meetings but I'll update the blog and the email list when I know more. For now the details are:

What: How can so many have been so wrong about so much for so long - with Udi Dahan
When: Thursday 14th Feb, probably 7pm-8:30pm
Where: Not sure yet. Let me know if you have any good ideas!
Cost: Free. All Welcome.

If you don't know Udi (and you should go subscribe to his blog right now) here is his bio:

Udi Dahan is The Software Simplist, an internationally renowned expert on software architecture and design. As one of the world’s thought leaders in the areas of Service-Oriented Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, co-creator of the Command/Query Responsibility Segregation pattern, and founder of NServiceBus (the most popular service bus on the .NET platform), companies from all over the world turn to Udi for help on their mission critical projects.

Please put this event in your calendar, forward it to your colleagues, leave printout flyers on bus-stops and we'll see you in two weeks!

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  1. There are quite a few people from my workplace that are keen for this - only issue being that it's on valentine's day.