Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Perth .NET User Group Meeting: Thurs 6th Sep: Automated UI Testing with Mehdi Khalili

Mehdi Khalili will join us this month to talk about how to do Automated UI Testing.

Many teams try Automated UI Testing and many fail. Automated UI Testing is hard: the tests take a lot of time to write and tend to be brittle and hard to maintain.
In this session Mehdi will provide you with some practical advice on how to and how not to write your tests introducing you to some UI testing ideas, patterns and frameworks that will help you write your tests faster while making them less brittle and easier to maintain.

Mehdi Khalili is a senior developer working for Readify. He has a great passion for programming and for code quality.
Mehdi is an OSS contributor with a few active projects including BDDfy (the simplest to use and extend BDD framework for .Net), Seleno (helping you write automated UI tests the RIGHT way) and Humanizer (a micro framework that helps .Net developers turn their otherwise geeky strings, type names, enum fields, date fields into a human friendly format).
On rare occasions where he has some spare time he writes on his blog at www.mehdi-khalili.com and tweets on @MehdiKhalili.

TOPIC: Automated UI Testing with Mehdi Khalili
DATE: Thursday, 6th September, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
VENUE: Enex 100 Seminar Room, Level 3, 100 St Georges Terrace, Perth
COST: Free. All welcome.

I look forward to seeing you there and it'd be great if you forwarded a link to this event to your colleagues right now!

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