Saturday, April 14, 2012

Perth .NET User Group Meeting, Thurs May 3rd: Rich Client MVC? with Jake Ginnivan


A common occurrence in WPF, Silverlight and even WP7 projects are very large view-models, which are hard to test because of the number of responsibilities. They often have low cohesion and high coupling, both which hinder maintainability of a project. MVVM just isn’t a complete solution.

In this talk, Jake will demonstrate some of the common issues (and solutions) encountered in WPF, Silverlight and WP7 development. He will also demonstrate how an open source framework he has been building, Phoenix, can simplify rich client development. Phoenix is an extensible MVVM+C framework which is designed around the new Async features coming in .NET 4.5, taking some great MVC features and combining them with MVVM to make rich client development much simpler.


  • TOPIC:  Rich Client MVC? with Jake Ginnivan
  • DATE:   Thurs May 3rd, 5:30pm - 7:00pm
  • VENUE: Enex 100 Seminar Room, Level 3, 100 St Georges Terrace, Perth
  • COST:   Free. All welcome

Jake specialises in WPF, VSTO, Silverlight, WP7 and dabbles in many other technologies. As a VSTO MVP, he is a well-known speaker in the developer community with regular sessions at user groups across Australia, Code Camps and annual presentations at Tech.Ed on topics such as VSTO Development, UI Automation, Unit Testing, Windows Phone and others. Jake also enjoys contributing to the community through his work on open source projects. You can reach him at his blog,

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