What's this group for then?

This group exists to serve the needs of the local .net community in Perth, WA. We organize monthly talks for people's ongoing edification, development and a chance to get out of the office/house/garage and meet other technical types. We cover a range of topics - basically anything that'd be of interest to someone working in the .net space, including cloud, cross-platform/mobile, as well as the standard enterprise stuff like desktop/web apps and the related Microsoft stack.

How do I sign up?

We'll never turn you away if you show up on the night, but to stay in the loop (and because it helps us keep track of numbers) we'd rather you subscribed. You can use the PerthDotNet Google group, and we're dabbling with Meetup also.
You can also follow @PerthDotNet on Twitter.

How do I contact you? I've got this great idea for a talk

We're always on the lookout for suggestions (and talk proposals). Drop us an email at the address in the header, or PM us on Twitter. Also if there's an international speaker coming to town, drop us a line - we might be able to get them in.

What's this thing about coffee?

As well as the monthly meetings we have a weekly coffee catchup that anyone's welcome to drop on at. It's a totally social thing, great for getting a second opinion, especially if you're working on your own / at home / in mandated isolation after the previous incident. 1pm each Tuesday, with a location that changes on a monthly basis, but is normally in the CBD somewhere (see @PerthDotNet for current venue)